Your Horse’s Health….

“SupplementSomething added to complete a thing, make up for a deficiency, or extend or strengthen the whole.”

Let Me Supplement your Horse’s Life.

  • Diet Balancing-  $120 (8-10 page report provided plus ongoing assistance.) *
  • Horse Float Maintenance and pre-purchase inspections also available. Free Quote.
  • Pet Portraits- $120 plus frames
  • Stock Feed- We are able to source a large range of Stock Feed for our local Mornington Peninsula Customers- everything from Dog/Cat food, to Chicken Feed, to a full range of Equine Feeds.
  • 4X4 Maintenance- We have a fully qualified Diesel Mechanic on site, to service all your tow vehicles at very competitive prices!
  • Tractor Servicing
  • Aromatherapy- Now offering aromatherapy sessions for both Rider and Horses! $80 per session. *

    * Travel fees can apply


ultimate paint file front 218x300 Your Horses Health....

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Contact: Chloe Baker
NRC Plus (National Research Council)
Nutrition as Therapy
Nutrition for the Performance Horse
Reiki Degree One & Two
Diploma Equine Aromatherapy
Currently studying Bachelor of Equine Science

Phone: 0401 792 712 (All equine enquiries)
Phone: 0488 338 514 (Mechanical repairs)